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Please note that the Church of Scotland have taken the decision to close their offices at 121 George Street, Edinburgh between Christmas and New Year…..

Please note that the Church of Scotland have taken the decision to close their offices at 121 George St, Edinburgh, between Christmas and New Year. This seems a prudent decision in these environmentally aware times due to the low occupancy of this substantial property over the festive period. It does however mean that COSIS, as tenants operating from 121 George St, will be closed from lunch time on the 24th December until the 3rd of January.
Traditionally COSIS field very few enquiries between Christmas and New Year as the focus within congregations is on more important matters. We are however conscious that if Scotland was to suffer a major weather event during this period that both congregations and our insurance partner Aviva may need support in dealing with the aftermath. The following system will therefore be in operation during this period.

i. COSIS will be closed over the Christmas holidays period from lunch time on the 24th December until 9am the 3rd of January

ii. COSIS telephone lines and email will not be monitored over this period

iii. All urgent claims should be referred to Aviva by telephone (0345 300 5941) using the information on claims section of the COSIS website https://www.cosic.co.uk/claims

In the event of a major weather event.

Long range forecasts show no cause for concern however if there is a major weather event causing wide spread damage COSIS staff working from home will start to monitor the enquiries@cosic.co.uk email address during working hours. Any congregation requiring assistance with a claim that submits an email to this address will be contacted by a member of the COSIS team to assist. Our team will work with both congregations and members of the Aviva claims team to support our customers through this period.

Please remember, as noted in the claims advice on our website, that if emergency temporary repairs are necessary to protect your property or to prevent further damage you should put them in hand as you have an obligation under the policy to minimise the loss and this is a necessary step in that process. Please note however that such costs are only recoverable from your insurer in the event of a valid claim.

Whilst undertaking any action to limit the loss please do not dispose of any damaged property as it may be necessary for it to be inspected. It may also be prudent to take photographs and collect other evidence that may be helpful in establishing the chain of events when the claim is being considered by the insurer.

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